Inkeverse (3700.HK) is a leading interactive social platform in China. In May 2015, the core product Inke APP was launched, creating the trend of domestic mobile live streaming broadcasting. Inke was listed in Hong Kong in July 2018, making it the first entertainment livestreaming enterprise on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Inke continues to deepen its efforts in the field of audio and video streaming. After its listing, Inke is focusing on the strategy of "matrix products" for the development layout of the Group. Based on the mature industrial mid-stage system, aiming at the needs of many vertical markets and individuals, it has successively created a number of phenomenon products such as the Jimu APP, Duiyuan APP and Super Like APP, and has rolled out a rich matrix of social products. Its business covers live broadcasting, dating and social networking. After undergoing multiple online and offline scenarios, and establishing a presence in overseas markets, it has transformed from a single product line into a matrix of products to drive performance growth. Reflecting this shift, in 2022, Inke changed its name to Inkeverse, aiming to create a multidimensional social matrix combining reality and virtual reality based on a new technology model.

At present, the Group has offices in Beijing, Guangzhou, Changsha, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Hainan and Hong Kong with nearly 3,000 employees, of which almost 40% are R&D personnel. The Company's strong research and development capabilities and mature Middle Platform system deliver powerful functions its its products, as well as ensure it can continue to achieve rapid innovation and upgrade, and promote a doubling of growth in both user volume and business value.